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Iluka Resources – Woornack, Rownack And Pirro (Wrp) Mineral Sand Mine

• Non Saline Water Storage Dam – Bulk earthworks and HDPE lining

• Calder Highway Intersection – Bulk earthworks, road works, drainage and road sealing

• Ovenden Road Upgrade – Bulk earthworks, road works and bitumen sealing

• WRP Topsoil and Subsoil Removal – Bulk earthworks

• WRP Site Civil Construction – Earthworks, civil works, road works, drainage and HDPE lining

• ModCod Starter Pit – Bulk earthworks

• TSF Construction – Bulk earthworks and HDPE lining

• Ouyen Camp Expansion – Bulk earthworks, road works, civil works, drainage and bitumen surfacing

• Crooks Road Upgrade – Bulk earthworks and road works

• WRP Bituminous Surfacing – Earthworks and bituminous surfacing

• WRP Relocation of Civil Works – Civil works

Sibelco – Kunwarara Mine

• Bulk Cut Material Overburden Removal – Bulk earthworks

• Mine Rehabilitation – Bulk earthworks

Echo Mineral Sand Mine

• Mine Rehabilitation – Bulk earthworks

Mildura Wastewater Treatment Facility

• Construction of Retention Dams, Settling Ponds, Lagoons and Earthen Platforms – Bulk earthworks

• Treatment facility – Stormwater and road works

Perilya Mine

• Subsoil Stripping – Bulk earthworks

• Tailings Dam – Bulk earthworks

Olam – Almonds

• Civil construction of bunkers and pads.

Iluka – Kulwin Mineral Sand Mine

• Ouyen Accommodation Facility – Bulk earthworks and civil works

• Kulwin Non Saline Water Storage – Earthworks upgrade and HDPE lining

• Stages 1 & 2 Civil Construction – Bulk earthworks, road works, drainage and civil works

• Pohlner Road Diversion – Earthworks and road works

• Tailings Storage Facilities – Bulk earthworks and HDPE lining

• Kulwin Relocation Civil Works – Earthworks and civil works

• Non Saline Water Storage – Bulk earthworks, drainage and HDPE lining

• Kulwin Overburden Strip – Bulk earthworks

• Overburden and Ore Mining – Bulk earthworks and mining

• Mine Rehabilitation– Bulk earthworks

Snapper Mineral Sand Mine

• Off Path Tails Dam – Bulk earthworks

Wemen Mineral Sand Mine

• Mine Rehabilitation – Bulk earthworks

Earthen Water Storages

• Water Reservoirs and Rehabilitation of Irrigation Channel – Bulk earthworks

• Earthen Storage Facilities – HDPE lining

• 400 Mega Liter – Recycled Water Storage Facilty for Lower Murray Water, Mildura

Glencore- Clermont Coal Mine

• Mine Rehabilitation –Plant Dry Hire

Weilong Wines Australia

• Civil earthworks for winery, including waste water treatment plant.

Iluka Resources – WIM100 Deposit

• Construction of bulk sample test pit – WIM100 deposit.

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