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 Garraway Group utilise an Integrated Management System (IMS) to provide the guiding principles and objectives within our operations. 

The IMS is a collection of operating procedures that define the processes that we employ to ensure our administrative and project work is carried out efficiently and within legislative and regulatory requirements 

The key functions of the IMS include 

Health and Safety 


Garraway Group recognise the importance of client satisfaction and are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. Our Integrated Management System ensures that we maintain a high level of performance by continually improving our service and demonstrating business excellence within our operations. 

Environment, Health & Safety

Garraway Group is dedicated to operating within an environmentally sustainable, healthy and safe environment. Our commitment to Environment, Health and Safety is achieved through the implementation of best practice which is a reflection of our core company values. Further, our Integrated Management System ensures that we maintain a high level of performance across all facets of Environment, Health and Safety. 

 LTI free 1,011,870 manhours – A holistic team approach


Garraway Group has developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) which provides the fundamental guidelines for the Company’s quality, environment and health and safety functions. The system undergoes an annual audit by DLCS Pty Ltd.

Garraway Group has ascertained VicRoads R1 and F1 accreditation enabling the Company to undertake major works within the National Roads Network.

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