We can tailor our fleet to your requirements.


Caterpillar D11T/T x 1
Caterpillar D10R/T x 3
Caterpillar D10N x 1
Caterpillar D9N x 1
Caterpillar D6R x 2
Caterpillar D6N XL x 1
Caterpillar D6T x 1


Caterpillar 385CLME x 1
Caterpillar 329DL x 1
Caterpillar 324DL x 1
Caterpillar 336DL x 1


Caterpillar 16H x 4
Caterpillar 14M x 2
Caterpillar 14H RMR x 1
Caterpillar 140H RMR x 1


Caterpillar 247B x 1
Caterpillar 216B x 1
Caterpillar 938H x 1
Caterpillar 930G x 1
Caterpillar 988H x 1
JCB Loader/Backhoe 3CX 4×4 x 1
Caterpillar IT62G Wheel Loader x 1
Caterpillar TH407 Telehandler with grab x 1


Isuzu FTS 800 Service Vehicle x 1
Isuzu FVZ1400 Service Vehicle x 1
Kenworth C500 Service vehicle x 1
Kenworth T408 Service vehicle x 1
Isuzu RVD750 Tilt Tray x 1
Isuzu 16,000L Fuel tanker x 1
3,000ltr Diesel Tank x 1
Mine Spec 4×4 Motor Vehicles x 20
Mine Spec 4×4 & 2/4 Mini Bus x 4
PETRO Bunded Fuel Storage 65kl x 1
PETRO Waste Oil tank 20,000L x 1


Caterpillar 657G x 4
Caterpillar 637G x 4
Caterpillar 631E/G SII x 5
Caterpillar 633E x 1
Caterpillar 633E x 1
Caterpillar 627G x 2
Caterpillar 623K x 1
Caterpillar 623F SII x 2
Caterpillar 623G x 2


Caterpillar 773D/E x 6
Caterpillar AT740 x 3
Caterpillar AT730 x 1


Caterpillar 773E (50,000L) x 1
Caterpillar 773E (45,000L) x 1
Caterpillar 631E II (40,000L) x 1
Caterpillar 735 (35,000L) x 1
Caterpillar 611C (25,000L) x 1
Isuzu FVZ (16,000L) x 1
HINO FM500 (14,000L) x 1


Vermeer PD10 Pile Drivers x 2


Trailer mounted Traffic Lights x 2
ProliteLED Lighting Towers x 5
HDPE Liner Welding & Testing Equipment x 1
HDPE Pipe Welding Machine x 1
SYKES HH220 Self priming water Pump x 1
SYKES Dewatering pump 150mm x 1
SYKES General Purpose water pump 100mm x 1
Aussie Water pump 100mm x 2
Transportable Building 12m x 3m x 1
Transportable Building 8m x 2.4m x 1
Transportable Building 6m x 3m x 1
Transportable Building 9m x 3m x 1
Linde forklift H25T x 1
HouretteScissor Lift x 1
Diesel Generator 110kva x 2
Diesel Generator 11-22kva x 3
Forklift MANITOU MH25-4T x 1
Traymark caravan x 1
Mobile WC Block x 1
Wacker Trench Roller x 2
3D-GPS equipment (including machine and base stations) x 20
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