Woornack, Rownack and Pirro (Wrp) Mineral Sand Mine

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Our Projects

  • Non Saline Water Storage Dam – Bulk earthworks and HDPE lining 
  • Calder Highway Intersection – Bulk earthworks, road works, drainage and road sealing 
  • Ovenden Road Upgrade – Bulk earthworks, road works and bitumen sealing 
  • WRP Topsoil and Subsoil Removal – Bulk earthworks 
  • WRP Site Civil Construction – Earthworks, civil works, road works, drainage and HDPE lining 
  • ModCod Starter Pit – Bulk earthworks 
  • TSF Construction – Bulk earthworks and HDPE lining 
  • Ouyen Camp Expansion – Bulk earthworks, road works, civil works, drainage and bitumen surfacing 
  • Crooks Road Upgrade – Bulk earthworks and road works 
  • WRP Bituminous Surfacing – Earthworks and bituminous surfacing 
  • WRP Relocation of Civil Works – Civil works 

Project Details


December 7, 2015


Client Commpany Name


Garraway Group